Why "Moonscopes"? What makes Moonscopes different?

In the Old Astrology, the Moon sign was much more important than the Sun sign. The Moon travels through each astrological sign in about two and one-half days. All of the other planets move through each astrological sign in timeframes that vary from one month to twenty years. Therefore, the Moon's travel time span makes it the most logical planet to use for information about daily activities.

Also, there are twelve astrological signs in astrology and the Moon travels through all of them in a one-month period as it goes through its phases. This further adds to the use of its placement for our daily lives. No matter what a person's sun sign is or what their astrological chart contains, we all experience the rhythms of the Moon on a regular basis.

Historically speaking, the Moon has always been used as a guide for daily activities. For example, the best times for planting or fishing were marked on calendars until late in the twentieth century.

Moonscopes is based on studies of human development with a focus on past lives. Astrology is a valuable guide to understanding life and the universe on an individual level. An astrology chart is a map of the constant circle of beginnings, endings, and re-beginnings that we all experience. Moonscopes is based on studies both jyotish (vedic) and western traditions of astrology and over 25 years experience in the field.