For the Week of May 28 through June 3

Sunday, Monday a.m.: the Moon is in Cancer
The sign Cancer is one of the very sensitive areas of the zodiac wheel. It rules (is associated with or is in charge of) nurturing – both yourself and others. Self-care is extremely important because one needs to be in positive condition in order to fully assist other people.

Monday p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday a.m.: the Moon is in Leo

Saturn is usually considered to be one of the “heavy-hitter planets” on the zodiac wheel. It’s currently in the sign Sagittarius, which usually has positive & upbeat connotations. Therefore we can conclude that even though Saturn is a serious planet, its location in Sag places it in a trine (easy) connection with the Moon in Leo and the warmth of Leo will not be trampled on by this aspect (astrological connection).

Wednesday p.m., Thursday, Friday: the Moon is in Virgo
Looking ahead just a little bit – three of the personal planets – Mercury, Venus, & Mars (see below) are set to move into different signs next week. Plus, there will be a Full Moon at the end of that week. So it would be beneficial to get all your ducks in a row and take care of any details this week. (Virgo loves to organize things and wind up loose ends.)

Saturday: the Moon is in Libra
The planet Jupiter is also in Libra at this time, so this could potentially be a very pleasant weekend (Jupiter rules – is associated with – all kinds of good things and the sign Libra rules pleasantries & relationships among other things). Plan on doing something special in your interactions with others. Make the most of a valued relationship.

Check your astrology chart to find which house (section of your chart) has the current Moon sign on the cusp (the beginning edge) & apply forecast information to that area of your life as well. For example, the Moon is in Leo and one of the suggestions is to entertain – however Leo is located in the 12th house of your chart, which is an inward energy place…then have a small, quiet gathering. By contrast, if Leo is located in the 1st house of your chart, an outward energy place…have a party! Don’t have an astrology chart? Click here .

It is interesting to note when the current Moon is in the same sign as your birth Moon and to see how the flavor of that day carries through the following 30 days.

Current Planet Positions:
Sun –
Gemini until June 21
Mercury –
Taurus until June 7, then Gemini
Venus – Aries until June 6, then Taurus
Mars –
Gemini until June 5, then Cancer
Jupiter –
Libra until October 11
Saturn –
Sagittarius until Dec. 20
Uranus –
Aries until Mar. 6, 2019
(Taurus – May 16, 2018-Nov. 7, 2018)
Neptune –
Pisces until Mar. 30, 2025
Pluto –
Capricorn until Nov. 20, 2024

Current Asteroid Positions:
Ceres –
Gemini until July 11
Pallas –
Aries until June 28
Juno –
Capricorn until Dec. 17
Vesta –
Leo until July 18
Chiron –
Pisces until Apr. 22, 2018

Current Asteroid Transits:
Ceres – Talking and listening will aid and nurture you & those around you.
Pallas –
Full steam ahead – provided it’s something you are very sure about.
Juno – 
A partnership of some kind will help solidify your foundation.
Vesta – 
Trust the little voice that speaks from deep down inside.
Chiron –
Transcend wounds and negativity through compassion.

Note: Timeframes for Moon signs, void-of-course periods, and current planet & asteroid positions are noted for Eastern time zone (USA). Please adjust according to your own location. Times are not given if the void-of-course Moon occurs for a very short period or if it occurs during the night (based on same Eastern time zone).

▪ v/c = Void-of-Course – When the Moon is void-of-course, spend time working on projects already in progress, creative endeavors, or self-improvement. Void-of-course simply means that no planets are aspecting the Moon as it gets ready to change signs; there won’t be a configuration of astro energy available to utilize. It’s best not to start new projects, sign important agreements, or go shopping when the Moon is void-of-course because the result will probably be unsatisfactory in some way.

Mercury Retrograde – the speed of the planet slows down considerably. Communications, paperwork, electronics, traffic and mail can become very mixed-up, delayed, or go on the ‘fritz’ during this time. A situation will be in the process of changing, so wait until Mercury is direct to finalize anything. In general, maintain a slower, more cautious pace in daily affairs. Always allow at least two days before (to slow down) and after (to resume regular activities) a Mercury retrograde period. (Read More about Mercury Retrograde)