Weekly Horoscope for Sept. 27-Oct. 3

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Sunday, Monday am: the Moon is in Aquarius
Without any planning, do something off-the-wall. Embrace your inner weird.

Monday pm, Tuesday, Wednesday: the Moon is in Pisces
There are positive keywords associated with each of the signs and negative ones as well. One of the not-so-great keywords connected to Pisces is ‘disappointment’, which can be aggravated when the Full Moon is nearby as it is this week. So be very objective re: any decisions. You may wish to get a second or even third opinion.

Thursday (Full Moon), Friday, Saturday am: the Moon is in Aries
This is the first of two full moons this month, which means that the second one (Oct. 31) will be termed a Blue Moon. This is a situation that doesn’t happen very often, hence the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon”. Meanwhile, use this current time to make plans (Aries) for acknowledging that upcoming interesting astro happening.

Saturday pm: the Moon is in Taurus
Before the Full Moon on Oct. 31, make sure that your finances are up to date and any projects are lined up for completion. They don’t have to be done by that date, just have them ready to be acted on and finished.

When reading this weekly horoscope, check your astrology chart to find which house (section of your chart) has the current Moon sign on the cusp (the beginning edge) & apply forecast information to that area of your life as well.

For example, if the Moon is in Leo and one of the suggestions is to entertain – however Leo is located in the 12th house of your chart, which is an inward energy place…then have a small, quiet gathering. By contrast, if Leo is located in the 1st house of your chart, an outward energy place…have a party!

**Don’t have an astrology chart? Click here .

It is also interesting to note when the current Moon is in the same sign as your birth Moon and to see how the flavor of that day carries through the following 30 days.

Current Planet Positions:
Sun –
Libra Sept. 23 – Oct. 23
Mercury –
Scorpio until Dec. 2
(*retrograde Oct. 14-Nov. 3)
(*in station Oct. 11-17)
Venus – Leo until Oct. 3, then Virgo
Mars – Aries until Jan. 7, 2021
(retrograde Sept. 9 – Nov. 14)
**Jupiter – Capricorn until Dec. 20
**Saturn – Capricorn until Dec. 17
Uranus –
Taurus until Apr. 26, 2026
Neptune – Pisces until Mar. 30, 2025
**Pluto – Capricorn until Nov. 20, 2024

**Note: Saturn & Pluto (two of the astrological heavy-hitters)  are in Capricorn, Saturn until mid-Dec. 2020 and Pluto until late 2024. Regard and carry out your responsibilities seriously. You may have to reconstruct or transform part or all of your foundation.

Jupiter in Capricorn joins Saturn for the rest of its transit and can potentially exaggerate all of the heavy-duty (literally ‘duty’) Saturn stuff. On the other hand, it could possibly mellow some of the Saturn situations.

Pallas (see below) is also in Capricorn – until early Dec. of this year. This asteroid may be invigorating and help you keep your aim straight and true.

Additionally, keep in mind that Capricorn is Saturn’s home base sign and that accomplishments and achievements are also likely, so give yourself praise where praise is due.

Current Asteroid Positions:
Ceres –
Pisces until Feb. 22, 2021
**Pallas –
Capricorn until Dec. 8
Juno – Scorpio until Dec. 19
Vesta –
Leo until Oct. 23
Chiron – Aries until May, 2027

Current Asteroid Transits:
Ceres Practice extreme self-care & pampering.
Pallas – There may be a feeling of being in the right place at the right time, kind of like something magical happened.
Juno – Withdraw any instances of hurt or betrayal due to something that happened in a former love relationship and send them out into the atmosphere to dissolve.
Vesta – Dedicate all the time & energy you can to being involved in things that are upbeat & fun for you.
Chiron – Release pent-up anger; chart a new course for yourself.

Note: Weekly horoscope time frames for Moon signs, void-of-course periods, and current planet & asteroid positions are noted for Eastern time zone (USA). Please adjust according to your own location. Times are not given if the void-of-course Moon occurs for a very short period or if it occurs during the night (based on same Eastern time zone).

∗Mercury Retrograde – the speed of the planet slows down considerably. Communications, paperwork, electronics, traffic and mail can become very mixed-up, delayed, or go on the ‘fritz’ during this time. A situation will be in the process of changing, so wait until Mercury is direct to finalize anything. In general, maintain a slower, more cautious pace in daily affairs. Always allow at least two days before (to slow down) and after (to resume regular activities) a Mercury retrograde period. (Read More about Mercury Retrograde including direct & in station)