Transit (Forecast) Chart Readings

A Transit (Forecast) Chart Reading is an astrology reading that discusses what parts of your natal chart the planets are currently traveling (“transiting”) through. This reading will focus on what is coming up for you between the present time and a year from now in just about every area of your life – health, money, job, love, etc. This information can help you make definite plans and let you know in which parts of your life you can successfully invest time and energy.

While your entire astrology chart will be investigated for the reading, here are some points that will be given priority when addressing what is coming up for you:

  • Jupiter – your opportunities and how long they will last
  • Saturn – your challenges and how long they will last
  • Mercury Retrograde periods – when to slow down and reduce activity
  • Pertinent asteroid transits
  • Any other planets that are traveling through the highlighted areas of your chart or that are connecting to significant natal planets, what the effects are and how long they will last

You’ve heard the expression “many happy returns”? This has special meaning in astrology. Besides the Sun returning to your Sun sign on your birthday every year, there are other returns which are important. For example, your Saturn “return” happens approximately every 28-30 years, when it returns to the sign it was in when you were born. Saturn is the taskmaster who teaches us the difficult lessons in life, so many of us often struggle during these Saturn returns.

Jupiter is the planet that rules growth and opportunities. As it travels through each part of your chart, an area of your life will open up, opportunities will present themselves, and good luck can move in. You will find out more about both of these planets (and whether you are having a “return”), their current influence in your chart, and how long this impact will last in your life when you order your Forecast Chart Reading.

Why Moonscopes Astrology Charts are different

  • Hand-crafted, made especially for you
  • Based on your unique combinations of planetary and stellar aspects
  • Few other astrologers go into the details such as the 5 asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron.)
  • NOT a cut-and-paste, computer-generated report

Each Birth Chart Reading features:

  • Your astrology chart
  • Notes about the chart
  • An extensive personal narrative presented in an easy-to-understand format

Still don’t believe Moonscopes is different?
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